New downtown townhomes provide convenient, energy-efficient living

New downtown townhomes provide convenient, energy-efficient living

“Bob and Ashley Eidson immersed themselves in downtown life when they bought a 150-year-old house on West Sixth Street.

“From the time I was in high school, I watched that street change,” Bob said.

After college, the University of Kentucky graduate served three years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper, then moved to California to complete an MBA.

When he moved home in 2013, he felt something was different.

“The downtown core had gained an inertia that was magnetic,” Eidson said.

The game changer, in his view, was the Legacy Trail — a 12-mile walking, biking, interpretive trail and public art venue that begins in the East End and extends to the Kentucky Horse Park; it opened in 2010.

Bob is co-founder and CFO of Emerge Contracting. The company’s focus is on infill development and renovation in Lexington’s urban neighborhoods.

He and business partner Matt Hovekamp search for opportunities to develop and manage real estate in Central Kentucky.

“We found five lots for Smith Town Homes here on Smith Street, and then West Sixth Brewery opened six months later,” Bob said. “We had no idea that was in the works.”

In addition to Legacy Trail, Transylvania University, Fayette Park, West Sixth Brewery and County Club restaurant also are a block away.

“We think it’s a knockout location,” Bob said.

In fact, he and Ashley moved from their 3,800-square-foot house on West Sixth in January to their new two-story, 1,800-square-foot townhome at 515 Smith Street.

The transition was a smooth one for the couple.”

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